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It's No Secret, Thriving After Surviving


Danielle knew early on that she was not like most children at her school.
With a chaotic home life riddled with violence, neglect, abuse and poverty she learned early on how to survive and adapt.
Every challenge taught her a valuable lesson about resilience and self motivation allowing her to develop an unshakable positive mindset, along with a sense of humour. Her book, It's No Secret, Thriving After Surviving  takes the reader on a journey detailing the life changing events which tested Danielle’s resilience and willpower.

She bravely shares the difficult choices she was forced to make in order to safeguard her precious family as long forgotten secrets are revealed. This uplifting, shocking and empowering book chronicles Dani’s story and her determination to never let her past define her future.

It promises to inspire the reader that change and choice is absolutely possible and that nothing is ever insurmountable.

Buy it Today https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1730823068/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_God9CbPFCCTJ0?fbclid=IwAR3zCA8MF9oft-TtOeEHnAKphmYrNjXt1ZSvK9i15G3JVJ1FI_Ue3mPhZJk

Work with The Rapid Transformation coach


Work with The Rapid Transformation Coach

I absolutely believe that no problem is insurmountable, despite invisible barriers and very real challenges holding us back. 

I know, having faced some of the toughest personal challenges that determination,  belief, courage and a sense of humour can get you through the darkest of days. Having someone by your side to help you find your way is vital too.

Having trained as a life coach, worked for many years coaching and supporting client's and having overcome a vast array of challenges myself I am ideally placed to help you to reach your goals and live a life that you desire.

Whether you are facing challenges, adversity, have reached a cross roads, have anxiety or mental health issues  I can help you.


Diploma in Life Coaching 

Masters Module in Advanced Communication Skills

997 Mentoring Level 3

SafeLives Level 2 IDVA Qualification

Bsc Hon. Advanced Healthcare Practice Modules in Change Management, Leadership and Communication Skills

And a life time of self improvement, self development and determination to live my best life.

I  forward to chatting with you by phone 07838018079 or email danielledowney40@gmail.com

If you might like to join our supportive, empowering Facebook group for survivors of abuse or sexual violence Speak Out Sisterhood (SOS) the link is below.  . https://www.facebook.com/groups/805644186440105/




Domestic Abuse work

I worked in the domestic abuse sector for many years supporting women to stay safe and leave abusive relationships. I worked in court and with the Police. I trained as an IDVA with Safelives and worked for Women's Aid. I have run training programmes, delivered The Freedom Programme to women and professionals and spoken at events.

I now campaign loudly about domestic and sexual abuse raising the profile of women and their suffering. 

With 2 women a week still being murdered by current or ex partners and 1.6 million women in the UK experiencing domestic abuse in 2019 I am passionate about bringing about education and change.

I have worked alongside the Police and spoken on TV and radio.


I have spoken at many women's groups and seek to inspire my audience into believing that they too can achieve all they wish once they release themselves from the shackles of their past. 

Having suffered mental health issues after years of trauma I am able to relate to the audience and the modern day pressures of life.

I want them to believe that they too have talents which when harnessed can propel them forwards towards the life they deserve and desire and that our past does not ever have to preclude our future successes.